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mousetrap on Global health


The world is flat.

Although healthcare is typically considered a domestic issue, it is increasingly being affected by global pressures. For example, we recruit healthcare professionals from across the globe, and our medicine and medical devices are made by international companies and produced all over the world.

Moreover, we can learn from other countries how to make health and healthcare more accessible, affordable, and efficient by comparing our systems. We can learn globally how to practice locally.


political exchanges to asia & Australia

Oliver has participated in two political exchanges through the American Council of Young Political Leaders: the first to China and Taiwan, and the second to Vietnam, and in 2018, he participated in the Endeavour fellowship through the Australian government. In 2019, Oliver was selected as a Fulbright specialist.

These exchanges gave Oliver the opportunity to learn more about the economic, political, and cultural connections between our countries as well as interact with government and business leaders.


international aging and health

Oliver has globally spoken on a variety of aging topics, including long-term care and end-of-life policies, at the 2014 International Federation on Ageing in Hyderabad, India; the 2014 International Conference on End of Life in Brisbane, Australia; the 2016 Australasian Association of Bioethics and Law Conference; and the 2017 International Conference on End of Life in Halifax, Canada.



Oliver has written and spoken extensively on policy comparisons between the United States and Canada, bringing together diverse stakeholders on issues of common concerns. Through this work, Oliver co-organized two policy conferences: the first was a two-day summit at the Woodrow Wilson Institute, and the second was a workshop on health information exchange.

In addition, Oliver has published on the legal and policy challenges around health information exchange between the United States and Canada, and a paper on end of life issues in Halifax will be published in the peer-reviewed Dalhousie Law Journal.