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Loyola health law journal publishes global health IT article

Oliver's article on cross-border health information exchange was published in the Annals of Health Law, a leading health law journal at Loyola University-Chicago School of Law. His article provided the basis for a white paper sponsored by Cross-Border Health and Personalized Health Care Alliance.

In the article, Ebbs and Flows: Issues in Cross-Border Exchange of Health Information, Oliver discusses how the use of data has huge implications for our economic interests both domestically and globally. In healthcare, the free exchange of such data may help consumers make better health decisions, patients engage in their care, practitioners avoid costly mistakes and duplicate test, and the government evaluate services for actual value. This paper will look at the regulation of health information both domestically and internationally with a focus on Canada, our largest trading partner. Often, regulatory schemes harmonized between our two countries pave the way for further harmonization efforts internationally.



Oliver Kim