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Oliver quoted on intersection between telemedicine, end of life policy

An article from the Deseret News featured Oliver’s recent blog at the Petrie Flom Center’s Bill of Health as well as an interview where he discussed a New Mexico bill that would incorporate the use of telemedicine as part of a consultation process in order to comply with a proposed aid-in-dying process.

Oliver also notes how historical trends have changed regarding both policies and how telemedicine is changing healthcare delivery, particularly in evaluations and counseling services:

In an interview with the Deseret News, however, Kim, an adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, said he doesn’t believe that New Mexico’s inclusion of telemedicine makes the bill more radical, as opponents have charged.

“It may seem kind of unusual to people, but (telemedicine) is really catching on because of the distance challenges, provider shortages and difficulties in finding access to a care provider. In some ways, it’s not surprising that a state like New Mexico, which has done a lot with telemedicine, would think to incorporate it," Kim said.

Oliver Kim